Solar PV performance data

wkmeterread2All the solar panel arrays installed at Leamington, Stratford and Warwick Hospitals have wireless data-loggers which allow Community Energy Warwickshire to check performance at any time, as well as monitor performance by month and year.

Reports are prepared each month on the performance of the arrays and sent to Community Energy Warwickshire members, as well as any others interested in the performance of the arrays.

Performance to date

wkinverters7Monitoring of outputs from the two solar panel arrays at Stratford and Warwick Hospitals started in mid-February 2012. By the end of 2015, the 50 kWp array at Warwick Hospital had generated more than 190,000 units of electricity, while the 10 kWp array at Stratford Hospital had generated nearly 40,000 units.

Meanwhile, the array at Leamington Spa Hospital installed in June 2014 had generated over 80,000 units, while the array on the new Estates building at Warwick had generated nearly 11,000 units. In all the four arrays have generated nearly 324,000 units – roughly equivalent to saving 162 tonnes of carbon.

Click below for recent monthly reports or contact us to ask for reports from the archive.

Monitoring reports