Meet the directors

Community Energy Warwickshire’s current Board of Directors was elected at the Annual General Meeting on 19 June 2018. Brief details of each director are given below. Further information is available in the Register of Directors’ Interests which lists the other connections and interests of members of the Board of Directors and which is available on request.

Barbara Cooper (Secretary)
A chartered secretary, Barbara worked for over 20 years in the electricity industry and is now a consultant in corporate governance. Also active in Transition Stratford, she wants to see Community Energy Warwickshire established as a successful and inclusive local enterprise.

Dr Marc Eberhard
A lecturer in Electrical, Electronic and Power Engineering at Aston University in Birmingham with a PhD in Theoretical Physics interested in all aspects of renewable and sustainable energy generation, storage and transmission. Looking at CEW from an educational point of view he would like to see more PV panels go up on roofs of schools/colleges and more support for teachers to include renewable energy generation into their curriculum. He also offers final year projects for undergraduate students to work with CEW.

Ruth Grinbergs
A retired solicitor at the National Coal Board and Central Electricity Generating Board. Her work at the CEGB led to an interest in environmental law and while there she became one of the founding members of the UK Environmental Law Association and was for a number of years a member of its managing committee. More recently, she has been working for housing associations, including advising them about solar leases.

Phil Harper (Treasurer)
A former space systems engineer, Phil now works part time in computing, and is looking to use his skills to help Community Energy Warwickshire maximise its impact on local energy provision, by managing its existing projects and developing whatever opportunities may arise for new ones in the future.

Paul Huband
Paul’s early work on the effects of agricultural practices on wildlife led to a long-term interest in low-input food production and small-scale food processing. Paul continues to investigate new ideas for producing food and utilising organic wastes.

Roger Matthews
Previously a senior manager in the Audit Commission, Roger is a consultant in strategic and operational planning. He is a trustee of Act on Energy and treasurer of Transition Stratford, running its Harvest Share project.

Keith Sinfield (Chair)
A retired chartered mechanical engineer, Keith brings project management experience and a keen understanding of technical issues. Passionate about energy conservation, he has worked with local groups in securing a significant increase in the adoption by households of solar technologies. Leading by example, he has more than halved his own energy use.

Ian Wood
Ian has over 30 years’ experience in the telecom industry, working in electronic engineering and with international regulations and standards. Since 2009 he has been pursuing his passion for energy conservation and renewables, working primarily with heating systems. He is also a landlord and an active member of Action 21.

Community Energy Warwickshire is committed to an open approach to its governance.