Our projects

Community Energy Warwickshire works in three main ways:

  • Energy generation: identifying ways we can generate renewable energy, testing their feasibility, and raising the money to invest in renewable energy schemes. Our first major project was installing 60 kWp of solar panels on roofs at Stratford and Warwick hospitals and we launched a second phase of the solar-powered hospitals scheme at the end of March 2014, installing another 60 kWp of solar panels on hospital roofs over summer 2014. Following a strategy workshop involving nearly 30 members of the co-op in summer 2012, we also have been exploring options for future generation projects, including further solar panel installations, an anaerobic digestion project, and a micro-hydro scheme.
  • Energy saving: running activities to help people to save energy and cut fuel bills. We are in the process of developing our Energy Savers scheme where we hope to organise discounts to help make it easier to purchase energy saving products and services. We have also set up a charitable fund which can potentially support projects aiming to help people save energy.
  • Community energy: working with local organisations and communities to help them with renewable energy projects and energy saving schemes. We are working with South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust to support its carbon reduction programme, running Energy Saver workshops and energy fairs for its staff. Click here for more information about working in partnership with Community Energy Warwickshire.