Invest in green energy for local hospitals

An innovative scheme to provide more renewable energy at local hospitals took another step forward today when Community Energy Warwickshire invited local people to invest in the second phase of its solar-powered hospitals project.

Community Energy Warwickshire installed arrays of solar panels at Stratford and Warwick hospitals just over two years ago. The installations help South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust, which runs the hospitals, to make savings on electricity bills and carbon emissions.

Now Community Energy Warwickshire is working with the Trust again to install more solar panels on the main building at Leamington Spa Hospital in Whitnash and on a new office building on the Warwick Hospital site – a plan that will double the amount of green energy available through the scheme.

“Our first solar-powered hospitals project was unique,” said Community Energy Warwickshire Chair Keith Sinfield. “It was the first time an NHS body had worked with a local community group in this way. As well as helping the hospitals to make savings from the electricity generated, we have been working with them to promote energy saving among staff.”

At the same time, Community Energy Warwickshire has used income from the project to fund energy efficiency work with local communities in south Warwickshire – something it plans to develop in the future by setting up a charitable trust to fund energy efficiency schemes and help people in fuel poverty.

Now Community Energy Warwickshire is inviting people to invest in the second phase of its solar-powered hospitals scheme. It is aiming to raise £110,000 to pay for the new installations. Investors are being offered a 3 per cent interest rate on their investment, together with the opportunity to help local communities benefit from energy efficiency and renewable energy.

If you want to know more, see Community Energy Warwickshire’s website at or phone 01789 290736 to ask for a copy of the detailed share offer.